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Download Various Artists - Ears of the People: Ekonting Songs from Senegal and the Gambia Full Album

File Name: various-artists-ears-of-the-people-ekonting-songs-from-senegal-and-the-gambia.zip
File Size: 143.75MB
01. Musa Diatta - Watu Eriring bee Kaolo
02. Abdoulaye Diallo - Ami Kolle / Salymane / Alassane
03. Sijam Bukan - Mamba Sambou
04. Adama Sambou and Ejam Kasa - Colobane Yolooli	
05. Sijam Bukan - Diego
06. Jean Kangaben Djibalen - Elenbeja
07. Esukolaal - Bapaalaay
08. Elisa Diedhiou - Aline Sitoe
09. Sijam Bukan - Sijam Bukan
10. Daniel Laemou-Ahuma Jatta - Kunaare Kati Gambi
11. Bouba Diedhiou - Aduna Esore
12. Elisa Diedhiou - Adiatta Ubonketom	
13. Adama Sambou and Ejam Kasa - Ajeme
14. Musa Diatta - Celestine
15. Daniel Laemou-Ahuma Jatta - Aliinom	
16. Esukolaal - Koriye
17. Adama Sambou and Ejam Kasa - Ahan Bokin	
18. Sijam Bukan - Asum Bunuk
19. Bouba Diedhiou - Kanyalen Rosalie
20. Adama Sambou and Ejam Kasa - Aguene Diambone
21. Musa Diatta - Aliinom (Ballanta)
22. Esukolaal - Asunge	
23. Abdoulaye Diallo - Inje Mama Oomei?
24. Jean Kangaben Djibalen - Madu
25. Abdoulaye Diallo - Ayinga Bañiil Dane Dibuke Ban
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Recent Comments
Alisson Mills
23rd Oct 15:05PM UTC
Damn, this artist just keeps getting better and better with each release.
Hayley C
23rd Oct 15:03PM UTC
The artist's lyrics are thoughtful, they're meaningful.
23rd Oct 15:02PM UTC
love love love
Haley Gilmore
23rd Oct 15:03PM UTC
If you're not listening to this album, you're missing out 😏
Gabriela Harding
23rd Oct 15:02PM UTC
The beats on this album are sick. Can't help but dance.
23rd Oct 15:02PM UTC
This music is a gateway to the soul. 🌟
23rd Oct 15:02PM UTC
Gracias por la descarga rápida
Karli Roberson25
23rd Oct 15:01PM UTC
🔥 Lit album, can't stop jamming
Cloe Ellis81
23rd Oct 15:01PM UTC
I'm lowkey obsessed with this album, it's fire.
Bobby J
23rd Oct 15:01PM UTC
This artist knows how to make a hit. This album is full of them.
Dumbledore R
23rd Oct 15:00PM UTC
The instrumentation on this album is particularly noteworthy, demonstrating a deep understanding of the nuances of the genre.
23rd Oct 15:00PM UTC
Every track is a banger, can't pick a favorite 💥
Bubble Butt
23rd Oct 15:01PM UTC
This artist knows how to make a hit. This album is full of them.
23rd Oct 15:01PM UTC
23rd Oct 15:00PM UTC
The song is upbeat, it's great for dancing.
23rd Oct 15:01PM UTC
Thissong is so emotional, it's giving me chills
23rd Oct 14:59PM UTC
Terima kasih atas muat turun yang pantas
23rd Oct 14:59PM UTC
Danke für den schnellen Download
23rd Oct 14:59PM UTC
The music video was well-produced, it had nice visual effects.
India Conrad
23rd Oct 14:59PM UTC
🎶 Perfect for a road trip
Tiana Y
23rd Oct 15:00PM UTC
🎸 Rockstar status, impressive
Karli Roberson
23rd Oct 14:59PM UTC
who is listening in 2024?
23rd Oct 15:00PM UTC
Blissful, tranquil and captivating all at once. 🌅
christopher mullen69
23rd Oct 14:58PM UTC
The artist's voice is strong, it's impressive.
anastasia U
23rd Oct 14:59PM UTC
This album is a vibe. Definitely going on my playlist.
23rd Oct 14:58PM UTC
This song is so powerful and it's giving me goosebumps.
Jeremy Mcgee
23rd Oct 14:59PM UTC
23rd Oct 14:58PM UTC
who is listening in 2024?
Daisy Pruitt13
23rd Oct 14:57PM UTC
This song is so powerful and it's giving me goosebumps.
23rd Oct 14:58PM UTC
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