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Download Ka Baird & Pekka Airaksinen - Syzygy (For Pekka) Full Album

File Name: ka-baird-pekka-airaksinen-syzygy-for-pekka.zip
File Size: 5.05MB
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Recent Comments
23rd Sep 6:28AM UTC
🎧 Headphone banger, recommend
23rd Sep 6:28AM UTC
This artist is the real deal. This album is solid gold.
23rd Sep 6:27AM UTC
The music video was well-edited, it had a good flow.
Cirilo Q
23rd Sep 6:25AM UTC
23rd Sep 6:24AM UTC
A sensory delight, this album is a work of art. 🎨
23rd Sep 6:24AM UTC
The beats are so infectious, can't stop dancing. 💃
23rd Sep 6:24AM UTC
Díky za rychlé stahování
Mollie A
23rd Sep 6:24AM UTC
🙌 Amazing vocals, love it
23rd Sep 6:22AM UTC
Tack för den snabba nedladdningen
23rd Sep 6:22AM UTC
🎸 Rockstar status, impressive
23rd Sep 6:21AM UTC
This album is a vibe. Definitely going on my playlist.
arcadio F
23rd Sep 6:22AM UTC
I've been waiting for this video to come out, it's everything I hoped it would be
23rd Sep 6:20AM UTC
🤩 Impressive sound, blown away
Urijah N
23rd Sep 6:20AM UTC
This video is so inspiring, it's giving me all the feels
23rd Sep 6:19AM UTC
An instant classic.
Aldo Irwin
23rd Sep 6:17AM UTC
Absolute banger.
23rd Sep 6:15AM UTC
This song is so powerful and it's giving me goosebumps.
Braylon Z
23rd Sep 6:13AM UTC
Bedankt voor de snelle download
charlie B
23rd Sep 6:12AM UTC
Catchy hooks, can't resist.
Luke Maynard33
23rd Sep 6:12AM UTC
Pure musical genius.
23rd Sep 6:10AM UTC
Can we talk about how amazing this album is? It's straight flames!
23rd Sep 6:08AM UTC
This album is a game changer, it's so fresh and unique, the beats are insane and the lyrics are so raw and real.
23rd Sep 6:09AM UTC
I've been listening to this song on repeat, it's so catchy and fun
Darien M
23rd Sep 6:08AM UTC
This album is a must-listen, it's so authentic and raw, the lyrics are so real and the beats are insane, it's gonna be a classic.
23rd Sep 6:07AM UTC
The artist's voice is pleasant, I enjoyed listening to it.
Darren Knapp
23rd Sep 6:05AM UTC
This song is really good, I like the melody and the lyrics.
23rd Sep 6:04AM UTC
I'm in love with this album, it's so soulful and heartfelt, the lyrics are so powerful, it's gonna be a timeless classic.
23rd Sep 6:03AM UTC
Thissong is so emotional, it's giving me chills
23rd Sep 6:02AM UTC
Ultimate mood booster.
23rd Sep 6:01AM UTC
🎶 Perfect background music, chill vibes
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