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Download H. Scott Salinas - Warrior: Season 2 Full Album

File Name: h-scott-salinas-warrior-season-2.zip
File Size: 152.01MB
01. Warrior Main Title Theme
02. Fung Hai Suite
03. Chinatown Riot
04. Barbary Coast
05. Hop Wei Boys
06. Rocker's Mill
07. Lee and Abigail
08. Father Jun Leaves
09. Dolph
10. Happy Jack
11. Leary Sophie
12. Hong
13. Jacob's Story
14. Meet Nellie
15. Opium Sonata
16. Nunchuck
17. Suey Sing Massacre
18. Paddy Wagon
19. Vega
20. Tournament
21. Working Men's Party
22. Ah Sahm Legend
23. We're Here for Him
24. Warrior Theme (Demo Version)
25. SmashRegz - R.E.C.
26. Chops - Tierra Prometida (Promised Land) (feat. Jason Chu, Godilla & Ann One)
27. The Warrior - Warrior (A New Legend Begins) (feat. Chops, Jason Chu, Leo Xia & DJ Bonics)
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Recent Comments
Molly T
24th Sep 2:56AM UTC
Hızlı indirme için teşekkürler
24th Sep 2:56AM UTC
Thanks for the music. It was a really fast download.
24th Sep 2:55AM UTC
A sensory delight, this album is a work of art. 🎨
24th Sep 2:53AM UTC
This album is a must-listen, it's so authentic and raw, the lyrics are so real and the beats are insane, it's gonna be a classic.
24th Sep 2:51AM UTC
Gracias por la descarga rápida
24th Sep 2:51AM UTC
I've been waiting for this video to come out, it's everything I hoped it would be
24th Sep 2:50AM UTC
24th Sep 2:49AM UTC
This music is a gateway to the soul. 🌟
24th Sep 2:48AM UTC
I'm blown away by this album, it's so diverse, it's like a musical journey, you never know what's coming next but it's always amazing.
Madison W
24th Sep 2:49AM UTC
If you're not listening to this album, you're missing out 😏
Alisson Mills
24th Sep 2:47AM UTC
Every track is a banger, can't pick a favorite 💥
24th Sep 2:45AM UTC
Terima kasih atas unduhan cepat
24th Sep 2:44AM UTC
Just when I thought music couldn't get any better, this album drops 🤩
Noe O
24th Sep 2:43AM UTC
Beautifully crafted melodies.
Mylee Barton84
24th Sep 2:43AM UTC
Music to my ears!
24th Sep 2:43AM UTC
The artist's music is engaging, it's easy to listen to.
Lila Lopez
24th Sep 2:42AM UTC
The visuals in this video are so stunning, it's like watching a movie
Kyson Brennan
24th Sep 2:41AM UTC
I'm obsessed with this album, it's so experimental and out of the box, it's like a sonic adventure.
Germán U
24th Sep 2:40AM UTC
🥁 Drum beats are fire
Micah U
24th Sep 2:39AM UTC
This artist is the future of music. This album is just the beginning.
Tyrese Villarreal61
24th Sep 2:38AM UTC
Great beats, catchy lyrics.
Gunner Z
24th Sep 2:39AM UTC
🎶 Perfect for a road trip
24th Sep 2:37AM UTC
Listening to this album is like taking a trip to another world. 🌎
24th Sep 2:35AM UTC
Holy cow, that download was lightning-fast
24th Sep 2:35AM UTC
Wow, just wow. This is next level 🤯
Jessica Hogan14
24th Sep 2:34AM UTC
I'm obsessed with this album. It's on repeat all day, every day.
24th Sep 2:33AM UTC
This album goes hard, it's the real deal.
allisson B
24th Sep 2:32AM UTC
Díky za rychlé stahování
24th Sep 2:31AM UTC
🎵 Addicted to the rhythm
24th Sep 2:30AM UTC
The instrumentation on this album is particularly noteworthy, demonstrating a deep understanding of the nuances of the genre.
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